Tree Digging Machine
Tree Digger

Tree Digging Machine

Overall length : 2550mm
Overall width : 1320mm
Overall height : 2210mm
Applicable working conditions :
Overall Appearance
  The professional seedling transplanter (tree digging machine) produced by our company has a compact structure (width of the machine), and is particularly convenient to move in the nursery. This machine can also work smoothly where other machines cannot work. Due to the use of crawlers, other seedlings are guaranteed. Walking on uneven ground.
  The transplanter uses the high-frequency vibration and slow rotation of the cutter head, and the arc-shaped blade cuts the roots and the soil below to complete the tree excavation process. It only takes 3-5 to dig a tree with a root ball of 1 meter in diameter. Minutes, the incision is sharp, root cutting and digging can be carried out at the same time, ensuring the integrity of the cut surface and the least damage to the root. Even the thick roots of maple, camphor, etc. can be simply cut off. The surface of the mud ball is smooth and hairless. The complete mud ball helps improve the survival rate after transplantation.
  There are multiple models of transplantation machines, and the diameter of the root mud ball can be selected in the range of 25CM-160CM. Users can choose different types of tree movers and knives (each tree mover is equipped with blades of several sizes) according to the root density of the transplanted trees, the topography and the size requirements of the mud ball at the root of the tree, which can be efficient, labor-saving and high Complete the mass excavation and transplantation of trees in high quality, which greatly improves work efficiency. For the transplantation of larger trees, the transplanter is also equipped with a lifting device. After the trees are excavated, the tree onion site can be moved to transportation at the same time Next to the car (some models). It solves many places where the telescopic arm of a crane cannot be moved, or does not need to use a crane, and reduces the transplantation cost.
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